February 15, 2013


thanks a lot too actually, it's been a while since i had this smile.. ;)


January 1, 2013


gosh, there are just too many things to comprehend at the moment..a weird start over a new year huh.. @@



as much as i hate to, this must be done, to make things clear, i'm sorry..


December 31, 2012


lolz, should I do a full recap of 2012 har?? what say you? :)


December 28, 2012


oh gawd, guess i'm officially the only one left ain it?? hmm..well i guess my case's a tad different..what to do..

p/s i want KFC lol...

*okay* that was random @@


December 17, 2012

Tie-yedddd Part 2!!

lol, guess this is going to my theme for this whole week, am really really tired leiiii to be honest, think i wouldn't even last a minute with my eyes fully opened if i were to lie down on the bed..but then, still have loads of stuffs to do and exams are just like one or two days away, really no choice laa hahaa.. xD

 hahaa, and off i go again to the ward to clerk cases..laters :)